VLOG – LensBaby, BTS, Drone Crash

VLOG – LensBaby, BTS, Drone Crash

Playing with Irene and Vlada in Calgary. Trying out LensBaby’s Edge 50, crashing my drone and enjoying some sushi. Check the links.

Buy the LensBaby Edge 50 here: https://goo.gl/I8nx5C

Irene’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkuqaHz3WWM2oUgFh3H9q9w

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My full gallery here: https://500px.com/thephotofiend

Music by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com/
VLOG - LensBaby, BTS, Drone Crash

8 thoughts on “VLOG – LensBaby, BTS, Drone Crash”

  1. I would love to see some of your favorite shooting locations around Calgary. I've been here for 17 years and I'm still finding places I never knew about!

  2. was wondering how the hell you wear a t-shirt in the snow ….welp', guess that got answered lol. Side note, always interesting what Irene finds to use for locations. And side note #2, just finished a bulb ring from your 500px tutorial – freaking awesome, huge thanks on the idea & tips! Would love to share/show how it turned out and give idea credit in future images but not sure how?

  3. this video was so funny😂 I couldn't stop laughing 😂 it reminds me of the videos I post

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