What is Tinnitus? And Some Major Causes

What is Tinnitus? And Some Major Causes

Tinnitus is the low frequency noise that comes on as a deep low rumbling, humming and droning in your ears. Many people who have to deal with this low frequency noise can think that it may be coming from the outside, while in reality, the noise actually originates internally from the ears.

Many people can suffer from the repeated low frequency of tinnitus. Some people can actually hear low musical tunes inside their heads as a results, some have a low pulsating sound that is constant and is characterized by a similar beat to that of their hearts, this types of stimulation is usually due to hypertension and can even be a result of other medical conditions.

Some types of objective tinnitus can be the result of consistent and excessive blood flow to the vessels or some other rhythmic muscular spasms or some other tumors. Many patients with subjective tinnitus can hear sounds and noises and this can be greatly increased due to impacted ear wax, the hardening of the ear structure and at times due to hearing loss due to aging. Overuse of aspirin, quinine, diuretics, heavy metals, antibiotics, head trauma, and some other diseases such as anemia, hypertension and hypothyroidism can also increase the intensity of tinnitus symptoms.

It’s important to recognize that tinnitus isn’t so much a disease, but rather a symptom that may be the result of other medical condition and the best way to find out what medical conditions are causing your tinnitus, is through a thorough physical examination such as a hearing test and medical checkup.

Some other causes for tinnitus:

Aging; this natural aging process can lead to deteriorating of the auditory cells within the internal ear, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus. The process of aging of the auditory cells usually starts at age 60.
Hearing Loss; due to exposure to loud noise, about 90% of people will experience hearing loss and have some form of tinnitus as a result.
Accumulated ear wax: excessive ear wax build up can cause some forms of temporary tinnitus it’s recommended that you have your ears checked as well as properly clean your ears every day.
Overuse of aspirin: overuse of medication such as aspirin can cause tinnitus. Other medication can also cause the condition.
Medical conditions: some conditions such as vascular disease, high blood pressure, allergies, sinus infections thyroid problems e.t.c can lead to tinnitus and most severe when left untreated.

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