Which 3D Printing Slicer is Best? 2016 Slicer Throw Down Part 1 – Software Overview

Welcome to the Maker’s Muse 2016 3D Printing Slicer Review!

In this video we’ll go over 4 of the most popular slicing programs for FDM 3D Printing. What makes them Good? What makes them Bad? Watch to find out!

The Slicing programs in this video can be found at the following links:

Slic3r – http://slic3r.org/
Cura – https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software
Simplify3D – https://www.simplify3d.com/
Craftware – https://craftunique.com/craftware

Don’t miss the conclusion next weekend where we compare each print and see which gave us the best result!
Which 3D Printing Slicer is Best? 2016 Slicer Throw Down Part 1 - Software Overview

20 thoughts on “Which 3D Printing Slicer is Best? 2016 Slicer Throw Down Part 1 – Software Overview”

  1. How's part 2 coming? I am fairly new to 3d printing, I have Cura for my Printrbot that arrives today, but would like to see the results of the Slicers. I would like to eventually get Simplify3d, but am curious about the results of Craftware, which I didn't even know about until I saw your video. Always a great job on your videos. Thanks for all the valuable information.

  2. I have been 3D printing over a year, I bought a 3D printer called Craftbot from Craftunique and later Craftbot+, I started with their software Craftware (they like "craft" eh?) and have never needed anything else. I tried cura and slic3er but the interface and gcode viewer were hard to look at. Craftware has significantly improved over the last few months but still has a few minor bugs and crashes sometimes. I'm interested in Simplify3D as it looks like it has even more options than all other slicers… but if you want a free slicer Craftware is my choice especially for windows. Its fast, easy to use and looks nice. The gcode viewer is very detailed and shows exactly how it will turn out if you account for overhangs.

  3. Hey I saw the part where you pried the model off the blue taped-up printer bed and thought… haven't you discovered the glue-stick solution yet? That would be a great video. Search here a bit. It's revolutionary. Any water soluble glue stick (e.g. UHU Magic in Europe, a purple one in US) chopped-up and added to water in a bottle and shaken for a week or so, brushed onto the bed…. no more adhesion problems. Clean and flat every time, smooth glass like first layer finish. Add more, re-distribute with water or take away with cloth. The bottle lasts weeks-months for average use. Check it out!

  4. Great video. Right clicking a part in Cura brings up the "split object into parts" tool allowing one to rearrange and delete parts of an assembly.

  5. I just love the opton "Separate objet into parts" option from Cura.
    Does Craftware has this command?

  6. used craftware…dead easy…generated gcode, then tried to build x3g in rep g…which happened, but then rep g didnt recognise a command M190…the heating code…so it just started printing wil still at home axes!! best way to change gcode to x3g that will work??? any ideas mate?

  7. Hey Angus, one thing I think you missed out with all of them is what platforms they run on, whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux. I mainly say this due to heading over to look at Craftware and finding it doesn't run on a Linux machine, whilst Cura, Slic3r and S3D do. This to me is a big downfall, 3D Printing is inherently Open Source for the most part. So not supporting Linux, to me is a big no no. Yes it's early days for Craftware, but you'd actually think they'd build for all 3 platforms from the ground up.

    As for my preferred Slicer, it's got to be Simplify3D. I was using Slic3r, but the persistent crashing on both Linux and Windows stopped me using it, Cura, I've tried briefly, but it wasn't intuitive enough when it comes to the advanced settings.

  8. Say, nobody uses Kisslicer anymore, or? I remember many preferred it over Slic3r but dipped it recently due to its dropped-out support. Would be interesting to see if this oldie would still be goldy.

  9. Can't wait for part 2 to see the difference in printed objects.
    Bought Wanhao i3 only few weeks ago but based on all reviews and also your help I decided to buy Simplify3D and love it so far.
    Learned some new possibilities in this short review though 🙂
    Love your reviews!
    Thanks Angus!

  10. Kudos for including Craftware! It is a very good slicer, with probably the best visualization on the market. It is my default slicer. I basically never use Cura anymore. Slic3r is acceptable but probably has too many options for most users. Simplify3D is also good, but it isn't free.

  11. Simplify and CraftWare are very good. To duplicate a model in CraftWare, select move and hold the ALT key while you drag the model. They call this function "clone"

  12. Very nice video, thank you for your effort!
    I would like to see a slicing speed comparison on complex models. Or you could add several simple models to the scene.
    Thanks a lot!

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