wooden puzzle drone

Posted By on May 19, 2017

wooden puzzle drone
BEEBOT is a wooden puzzle drone which you also can build and connect it to make a giant BEEBOT.

We develop BEEBOT because we want parents and children to explore and play with drones safely. The “SHELL” idea was used to protect BEEBOT users, the propellers are inside the shell, away from fingers and body parts. But instead of just an ordinary protective shell, it is also a puzzle to be put together. Kids love puzzles and flying toys so we combined the two.


“Why do you need a huge drone?, Why not combine multiple smaller drones to build it a huge drone. BEEBOT can do it”

The hexagon shape is modelled on the bee hive, a very efficient weight bearing structure. This shape is fit for connecting multiple BEEBOTS together.

Each player can connect BEEBOTS in form of multiple BEEBOTS together in order to form a giant BEEBOT, not just an one drone. This concept can encourage kids and everyone to join, communicate and share relationship and experience among each other.

wooden puzzle drone

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